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RIDICULOUS Amount This Guy Was Fined For Flipping Off The PM

No one likes it when people push in front of them while they’re in line to the bar. In fact you might even think that the person pushing in front should receive some sort of punishment for their actions.

Sadly though, they never do. But never did we think that it would be possible for the person being pushed in front of to receive punishment for defending themselves!

But that’s just what happened to one guy when he was on a night out in a QLD pub with some mates.

You may have noticed an image circling the internet recently of a true blue Aussie, who funnily enough is actually named Bluey, sticking his finger up at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who had allegedly pushed in front of Bluey in the line.

Bluey was understandably annoyed that the PM thought he deserved special treatment and mouthed off to him a bit before flipping him off.

While it may have seemed like a fairly innocent incident and regular pub banter, Bluey actually ended up being detained by security and fined a whopping $756 for his behaviour.

The story began circling and quickly caught the attention of our very own political insider, Sam Dastyari, who felt for the man and decided to track him down to help him share his side of the story.

Sam brought Bluey onto the Kyle and Jackie O show with him this morning. Watch the video above to find out what REALLY happened when Bluey decided to give the PM a piece of his mind.

And if you ask us, Bluey definitely deserves a few beers after his rather unfair treatment…If you feel the same you can donate to the GoFundMe page that Sam Dastyari set up on behalf of Bluey to help buy him a couple of pints.

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