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Woman Chose To Wear THIS Heinous Wedding Dress For $20k!

This week we met Krystal and Shane, a couple who are madly, deeply in love - and set to walk down the aisle in four weeks.

The venue has been set, the invitations sent - and Krystal’s had that moment every girl dreams of, where she finds the dress of her dreams, walks out of the change room and is welcomed with tears of joy from her mum.

It was all perfect.

I say ‘was’, because thanks to Kyle and Jackie O, Krystal and Shane were forced to make the ultimate decision across three days.

Either stick with Krystal’s dream dress, or allow themselves to be tempted every day with a new wedding dress chosen by Kyle and Jackie O - and more cash.

On day one, Krystal was presented with a long flowing gown with bright flowers pinned to the front - she wasn’t that keen - and passed on the $5,000 on offer to come back the following day.

Would YOU wear this dress if we gave you $5K? Krystal has to decide what to do!! #KJshow #KJDontMockTheFrock

A photo posted by Kyle and Jackie O (@kyleandjackieo) on

On day two, Krystal she opted for a dress with flashing love hearts on the bodice and pink tulle and embellishments down the skirt, she was offered $10,000 - and she chose to come back the next day, knowing the dress would be worse, but the money would be more.

NO DEAL! Tomorrow, Krystal will choose whether she will wear something WORSE than this for $20,000 in #KJDontMockTheFrock!

A video posted by Kyle and Jackie O (@kyleandjackieo) on

On day three, Krystal was presented with her final offer; $20,000 to wear a dress she had told herself she’d say no to if it was presented to her.

Would you wear this to your Wedding for $20k?! 😂 #kjdontmockthefrock

A photo posted by Kyle and Jackie O (@kyleandjackieo) on

It was SHEER - something she said was her ultimate no no.

However, with the clock running out, Krystal and Shane were forced to make their ultimate decision…

She even asked Sydney for their help - but they were SPLIT down the middle!

We love you Krystal! You'll be a stunning bride :)

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