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Grieving Mother’s Story About Losing Her 3-Week-Old Son

It should have been one of the happiest times in her life. Tattika Dunn had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Harvey, expanding her little family and giving her two twin boys a baby brother.

But instead, Tattika and her family have had to deal with the most unimaginable pain possible after her newborn son sadly passed away in his baby sling while on the way to the doctors.

The tragedy occurred on April 8 when Harvey was just 3 weeks old.

Since then, while Tattika and her family grieved, she says that she has been bombarded with requests from the media, trying to get a story out of her family’s tragedy, as well as horrible comments from people on social media.

Understandably, Tattika didn’t want to speak with anyone. She simply wanted to be left alone with her family as they attempted to cope with their pain.

But when she started to see headlines like this appearing, she knew that she had to speak up and tell her story about what really happened to her beautiful boy.

“The first thing that I ever read about it was, ’36-year-old mum walks baby and suffocates baby in sling’,” Tattika told the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

Tattika contacted our show after numerous articles began popping up online insinuating that the cause of death was related to the fact that her son was being carried in a baby sling at the time.

“It was like someone had ripped my heart out,” she said about reading these stories. “That was the first article and then it went on from there.”

Tattika explained that seeing the media assume the cause of death while the investigation was still ongoing and to place some sort of blame on the way that she had chosen to carry her newborn child was simply gut wrenching and actually made the process of grieving that much more difficult.

And so today, Kyle and Jackie O gave Tattika a platform in order to explain all of the facts leading up to what really happened on that tragic morning.

While it was thought that baby Harvey was completely healthy, Tattika said that it was her mother’s intuition that something was not right with him the moment that he was born.

She told us that while her entire pregnancy was fine, the actual labour was “a horror scene” and by the time Harvey was born, he wasn't breathing, he was covered in bruises and he had a massive blood blister on his head from being suctioned out.

“I thought that was the scariest moment of my life,” Tattika explained.

Following the difficult birth, Tattika said that she noticed Harvey would absolutely scream every time she would lay him down flat. But everyone told her that nothing was wrong.

“It was like he was in pain and I would say that to the nurses and [they said], ‘No, it’s normal. It’s normal’.

“And I’m like, ‘It doesn’t seem normal but okay’. And I did everything they told me to do.”

On the morning of April 8th, Tattika said that it was just like any other day. She was heading to the clinic with Harvey for a check up when she stopped for a coffee at the local bakery.

At this point, everything was fine and Harvey was actually breast feeding at this time.

But somehow, in the space of ten minutes between breastfeeding and arriving at the clinic, something terrible occurred.

“He was in the sling, which is where he was every single day whenever I went out. He never went in a pram because when I laid him flat, he screamed,” Tattika explained.

While some people claim that the baby wraps can be dangerous, especially for children at a young age, Tattika said that she had researched them and practiced using it before allowing Harvey to be carried inside one.

But sadly, as Tattika pulled Harvey from the sling at the clinic, she noticed that he was not breathing.

“And then I got to the clinic, spoke to the nurses and when we pulled him out that’s when we realized he wasn’t breathing.”

The nurses tried everything possible to save Harvey but there was nothing that they could do.

“It was horrible. I was on the floor just watching my baby try to get resuscitated and I could do nothing to help him,” Tattika said through tears.  “He was gone.”

Police attended the scene and an investigation was opened. This is still ongoing, and the cause of death is not actually known at this point.

As if going through this wasn’t horrific enough, Tattika explained that she has barely been able to leave her home without being bombarded by the media.

“What they don’t understand is that they are killing me on the inside. What they are doing, it is horrendous,” she said. “They’re standing out the front of my house, putting letters in the mailbox.

“I want to grieve. And I don’t want to feel like I can’t take the kids outside.”

Tattika has also had to deactivate her social media accounts after people began sending her horrible messages and making disgusting accusations.

For those hounding her for answers,  Tattika had this message, begging for people to leave her alone.

“I contacted you guys initially because it is getting too much… If they want to look into the baby wearing they can do that after the investigation has taken place,” she said.

“But not come knocking down a grieving family’s door.”

We know that nothing can take away the pain that Tattika and her family has experienced, but Kyle and Jackie O couldn’t sit by and do nothing.

They decided to donate $5,000 to help the family get through this devastating time and to help cover costs while Tattika gets back on her feet.

Tattika’s story truly is heartbreaking and we really admire her bravery in telling it today. You can hear her full story in the video above. 




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