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So Nikki Just Said What She’d Do If Richie Came Back Begging

Last night we were all pretty blown away when we discovered that Richie had chosen Alex instead of Nikki.

A clear favourite from the start, Australia couldn’t understand why Richie just didn’t love her.

Then, this morning we had Richie and his girlfriend, Alex, in studio.

Their chemistry was obvious. They really do love each other. (Sorry Nikki...)

Then, we spoke to Nikki on the phone. She said she had been in tears again last night as watching the episode from three and a half months ago had brought back the emotions of that day.

Luckily, her sister had flown into Sydney to help her through it. When we spoke to her on the phone, the inevitable question came up.

With rumours that Richie had ‘done a Blake Garvey’ and changed his mind weeks after the finale was aired, we had to find out what Nikki would do if he came back.

“I believe that the person meant for me would choose me first in every possible version of reality. We obviously weren’t meant to be.”

“I would say, ‘no thank you’.”

“I don’t feel like I’m in love like I was three and a half months ago.”

As for how doing a whole day of press with Alex was…

"She's been very, very respectful of me, at no point was she rubbing anything in my face."


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