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Kyle & Jackie O’s Fatchelorette Has Picked Her Winner!

If you’ve been following the Fatchelorette’s journey, you’ll know that she’s been on the hunt for love all week.

She started with five eligible bachelors and eliminated them throughout the week, well… Brian chose to opt out in favour of Coldplay tickets.

It was a rollercoaster week.

Then today, the final day came.

She had to choose between the Big Unit Luke, and the crooner Chris.

It was a tense moment, as Elise described the fact that she had been hanging out with Chris the previous day, and he had serenaded her with songs from The Little Mermaid, and ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend.


But, it was Big Unit Luke that stole our Fatchelorette’s heart.

The pair are off to Hawaii together!

We wish them every happiness in the world!

Check out how the rest of the week went, below...


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