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Cyrell & Eden Go Head To Head With Shoal Bay Cafe Owner

Over the weekend we heard about an incident that took place at a Shoal Bay cafe involving Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule and her boyfriend, Love Island star Eden Dally.

In a series of posts to her Instagram account, Cyrell and Eden claimed that a woman had hurled racist abuse and physically assaulted Cyrell in an “unprovoked” attack on Sunday afternoon.

Cyrell said that she was called a “black monkey” by this woman and grabbed around the throat before her boyfriend Eden stepped in.

Local police have since become involved, appealing for witnesses to come forward.

While Cyrell and Eden stand by their version of events, the owner of the establishment, Pelican Cafe in Port Stephens, claims that something completely different happened.

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O decided to try and get to the bottom of it by speaking with both parties to hear their version of events.

Firstly we spoke with Deborah, the owner of Pelican cafe, who told us that Cyrell and Eden’s version of events was incorrect. She said that she was working at the time with her two daughters, but none of them were involved in the incident.

In her version of events, she claims that Cyrell and Eden actually started the fight after one of her regular customers attempted to take photos of them.

“I saw everything,” she told us. “We noticed them [Cyrell and Eden] walking past and a customer went from my shop outside to take photos or video.

“She [the customer] was abused by them across the road…for taking a photo or video as the were walking past…This was from my view. I don’t know what was said or happened outside.

“They [Cyrell and Eden] got in their car and drove past and they did a U-turn and came back into my shop, saying ‘Does this cafe have a problem with us?’. I said no and they spotted the customer that was outside at the time and attacked her. Eden did. And then it went from there.”

Deborah also told us that her business has been “ruined” by the incident and has said that she’s had to unplug the phone because she’s been receiving non-stop angry phone calls.

“I’ve had to turn my phone off. I’ve been getting calls non-stop of comments saying that I’m racist and my staff are racist and they’ve ruined my business.”

Cyrell and Eden then joined Kyle and Jackie O on the phone to tell their side of the story, saying that Deborah had told “multiple lies”.

They claim that the regular customer at the Pelican Cafe followed them as they were walking to their car and started the incident by yelling racist abuse at them, calling Cyrell names like “mutt” and “black monkey”.

Eden also claimed that as they attempted to drive away, the woman started throwing things at their car, and so they pulled over and followed the person back into the cafe, where they alleged that the woman made the first move.

“We went in our car to drive off and we had to drive past this cafe and as we’re driving past, they’re all standing there, all the people in the cafe, and were turning to throw objects at our car,” Eden said.

“We walked in the cafe and I said, ‘Why do you have racist people here, calling her a black monkey and trying to throw objects at a moving car'."

Eden also said that they assumed the woman who had been calling Cyrell names worked at the cafe as she was standing behind the counter when they walked inside.

“This woman was like, ‘Get out of the shop’. What customer says get out of the shop in the first place?” Eden continued.

“First thing this feral did is grab Cyrell by the throat and starts choking her, and I had to come in and push her off Cyrell… Then all of them are screaming, ‘Get out of our shop’ and half of them are filming it and all laughing”.

As for why they are mad at the owner of the establishment, Cyrell and Eden said that Deborah should never have allowed the incident to happen. They also claim that Deborah and her staff were egging the perpetrator on and laughing.

“As a restaurant owner, is it not your obligation to turn around and say, ‘Hey, you can’t assault this woman’,” Cyrell said. “But yet she allowed her to do that.”

Police are now investigating the incident and are appealing for witnesses to come forward, however Cyrell and Eden believe that nothing will come from it because they claim the police are actually campaigning against them.

They told us that police aren’t actually investigating the assault that occurred against Cyrell and are instead investigating affray inside the cafe.

“They’re not investigating that because they said, ‘We’re not doing assault charges we’re investigating affray’,” Eden said. “There’s no assault charges being investigated… Apparently people in there were fearful for their lives.”

In response, Kyle only had one way to describe the incident, saying, “the whole situation seems ugly”. And we don't think it will get any less ugly anytime soon.

You can listen to both sides of the story in the video above.

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