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How Meryl Streep Became Perry’s Mother In Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies season two has officially kicked off and to celebrate we decided to get the woman behind it all, Aussie author Liane Moriarty, on the show to chat all about it.

Liane joined Kyle and Jackie O on the air this morning to chat about what it was like to turn her original book into a sequel.

Jackie wanted to know if it was difficult to create a new storyline for a book that was originally a standalone when Liane admitted that she actually almost didn’t write it herself.

“When they were saying, ‘Should we do another one?’, I said, ‘Yes, you should do another one but I don’t need to be involved. I’ll just watch it’,” Liane revealed.

“But I kept saying to them… I just kept thinking of tiny little things.”

Liane kept coming up with idea after idea until eventually she agreed to simply write it herself!

She told us that she also had to change the way that she wrote her characters, being as she now had to write them specifically for the actresses who played them.

“I wrote it in an American accent. So I wrote it with Reese as Madeleine and Nicole as Celeste,” Liane said. “So I changed my own book to suit the series.”

Jackie then asked whether this worked in the same way for Meryl Streep’s character, who is introduced as Celeste’s murdered husband Perry’s mother in season two.

This is when Liane revealed that Meryl wasn’t even thought of for the character until she wrote season two and in some ways she actually manifested that Meryl would take on this role.

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“My sister said to me, ‘Only do it if it would be fun’. She said, ‘Find a way to bring back Alexander Skarsgard [The actor who plays Perry] and why not write a role for your favourite actress’,” Liane explained.

And so that’s exactly what she did! Liane pictured the Oscar winning Meryl Streep as Perry’s mother from the get go!

“That’s when I thought, Meryl Streep, she could play Perry’s mother. And so that’s why I called her [character] Mary Louise, which is Meryl’s real name, as my own secret plan.”

After the idea was posed to Meryl, Liane said that she agreed to play Perry’s mother without even reading the script, which is a MASSIVE thing for such a big actress to do.

And lucky she did, because Meryl is an absolute star in this role, as we all assumed she would be!

Listen to more from our chat with Liane Moriarty in the video above!

Big Little Lies Season Two continues on Foxtel in Australia every Monday!

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