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Adrian Milat Really Didn’t Want To Speak With Kyle & Jackie

The family of convicted serial killer Ivan Milat have been quite vocal lately, especially his grandson who has recently come out slamming him in the media.

74-year-old Milat, who is currently serving seven life sentences for murdering seven backpackers in the 1990s, has spent time in Sydney’s Prince Of Wales hospital recently after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Sources are reporting that he only has months left to live.

But it turns out Ivan’s grandson Adrian Milat, who is the son of Ivan’s daughter Lynise Milat, couldn’t care less and wasn’t afraid to say so.

“Mate I couldn’t give the slightest f**k about that c**t or whether he lives or dies to be frank,” he reportedly said to the Herald Sun.

“Better off dead anyway and save the taxpayer some dinero.”

After seeing this interview, Kyle and Jackie O decided to reach out to Adrian to see if he would consider coming on our show for an interview.

But it turns out, he couldn’t care less about us either and how he responded to our request we honestly couldn’t believe!

One of our producers, Ash, reached out to Adrian and this is how he responded:

“I’d rather take a paper cut to the scrotum than talk to some bimbo & fat lard on the radio out any topic - let alone that cockroach Ivan, who is about as important/interesting to me as dried dogsh*t,” he wrote back in response.

But don’t worry, he finished on a very polite note!

“Thank you Ashleigh, but I will have to decline your offer. Thank you for your understanding. Best wishes.”


It’s safe to say Kyle and Jackie almost DIED when they read the response! See their reactions in the video above!

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