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Guy Dating Half-Sister Reveals They’ve Given Birth To A Son

This morning we spoke to a guy called *Nick who called back after speaking to us a year ago.

A year ago he revealed that he was dating a girl for a about a year and they were struggling to fall pregnant, so they dug out their birth certificates and realised the worst possible thing ever, they had the SAME father.

They had a decision to make, either stay together, or go their separate ways.

So when he spoke to the guys this morning, he had some other big news to reveal… They’ve just welcomed a baby boy.

“He’s a beautiful little boy, there’s nothing wrong with him,“ *Nick said.

“But you must have been worried?” Jackie asked. “Yeah we were, but he’s perfect.”

*Nick then revealed that one doctor knew about the fact that Nick and his partner were blood-related, and told them to ‘be careful’. He also revealed that one of each of their friends know about their situation, and they trust them to keep it to themselves.

When asked about what they’ll tell their son, *Nick revealed that they’ll keep the truth from their son to protect him. What do you think, is it right or wrong?

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