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Georgia Opens Up About Mum's Ill-Health After Choosing Lee

This morning Georgia Love and her newly announced partner, Lee, joined Kyle and Jackie O on the air.

They spoke about the lengths they had to go to in order to hide their romance, including showing up to places 9 hours apart and travelling with blacked-out windows.

It seemed to work, as there was no photo leak like there was last year. During the chat, Jackie asked Georgia how her mum was doing, and Georgia revealed that she’s not doing very well at the moment.


“She’s not really (ok), we’re all just being as strong and positive as we can be in this situation. The only thing i’m really thankful for is that I’ve finally got lee to be able to be by my side through all of this because its been extremely difficult going through this and just having him on the other end of the phone, we’ve still got a lot of difficult times ahead…”

Our thoughts are with Georgia and her family during this difficult time.

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