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Boy George Spills The Beans On THOSE Seal & Delta Rumours

This morning Kyle and Jackie O had Boy George exclusively in studio for a chat! The legend himself!

He’s one of the new coaches on The Voice, and he wasted NO time getting into the nitty gritty of the show. Well, Kyle tried his luck first. ‘Do you know what?

I can give you some information you might not know, that Seal and Delta hooked up, there was some sort of sex there.’

‘No, no there wasn’t, but I did, I might be being controversial, but I think Seal fancies the pants off Delta. And the pants are TIGHT.’ George said.

‘No no they’ve been together I’m telling you,’ Kyle said.

‘No they’ve never been together,’ George confirmed. ‘You know that?’ Jackie asked.

‘They’ve never been together, girls tell me everything. Gay man, girls tell me everything.

“I said to Delta, I said, Seal fancies the PANTS off you. She went, ‘no no, no he doesn’t! I said, ‘baby you’re blind, Stevie Wonder can see that.’ he revealed.

‘What was her reaction when you said that though?’ Jackie asked.

‘Oh like, a little bit flustered, she lost an earring, avoiding, you know. I’m not sure that she’s interested.’ George revealed.

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