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Jase Can't Stop Talking About US Rock Band The Killers

Jase thinks he's about to be surprised by his favourite band. Yes, we are talking about US rock band The Killers.

This is how it unfolded ...

Jase: OK, something is about to happen. They are about to wheel in The Killers.

PJ: Jase, you and I have been mates for four years ...

Jase: This is a great present.

PJ: And you're one of those guys who when you go to the party, you don't know any song lyrics but Mr Brightside, you know.

Jase: It's the only song that I request.

PJ: Exactly. We give each other a lot of shit in this show ...

Jase: Get to it.

PJ: So I thought I would surprise you ...

Watch the full video above to see what happens next!

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