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PJ's Heartbreaking Message To Victims Of Christchurch Attack

While the Christchurch mosque attack deeply affected us all, it had a completely different impact on the people of Christchurch.

It begged question after question - how could such hatred erupt in a peaceful city that has already had its fair share of disaster?

Christchurch is PJ's home so it was only fair that she voiced her own views of the traumatic day along with a message of hope for those affected.

While it was immensely difficult for PJ to talk about the attack, she did it with poise, urging us all to "come together in love right now". 

The perpetrator of this unspeakable crime wanted to divide the community, so why should we support this?

"I really hope that this will bring us closer together," PJ tearfully said. 

Whether you're from Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere, everybody can learn something from PJ's message. 

We stand with you, Christchurch.

Donations can be made on the official Victim Support donation page.

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