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Did ScoMo Sh*t His Pants At Maccas?

It's not often that pm scott morrison calls jase & pj live on air, so understandably, they couldn't resist bringing up that famous mcdonald's incident.

Back in March, some pretty crazy and well, downright disgusting claims arose on Twitter about the PM, alleging that after his NRL team, the Cronulla Sharks, lost the 1997 Grand Final, he erm, how do we put this lightly... violently shat himself at McDonald's Engadine.

Of course it sounds ridiculous. Completely full of sh*t even, pardon the pun. But pretty quickly more and more people came forward with evidence claiming the sh*t story to be true.

During Jase & PJ's 'Yay or Nay' segment, the PM was asked whether he ever uses the bathroom at McDonald's.Β 

His answer? Yay. It's a YES!

So, ScoMo does use the McDonald's rest rooms, which could prove the above hypothesis to be true, right?

"Do they [security] clear a bathroom out for you?" Jase asked.

His response? "No" while... laughing? Interesting!

This obviously didn't satisfy Jase, prompting him to ask: "So, you could just be like, standing there... general member of the public is at the urinal next to you, they look over and say, 'Oh, hey ScoMo, how are you doing?'"Β 

"That's exactly what happens!"Β 


While the Prime Minister didn't directly address the McDonald's incident, he did confirm that he does use the McDonald's restrooms.Β 

So, is the story a load of sh*t or did it actually happen? Let the investigation continue!

Hear the full chat above!

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