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Did Jase Just Admit To Dating His Sister?

Jase got a bit flustered this morning when he announced that he's been mistaken for being his older sister's partner.

When Jase's sister's children were younger, he would push their prams, prompting people (including his mates) to think he was the father, and subsequently, her partner.

"I'd just gotten out of high school and my sister's were having kids, and I would go to the shops with one of my sisters pushing the pram around," he recalled.

"I was out of school by a year or two so my school friends were like 'God! You've already got yourself a kid and everything' and I was like 'Oh no, that's my sister.'"

"You're still very flustered," PJ immediately replied.

Not going to lie, but we are totally judging you, Jase. 

Watch the video above for the full story!

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