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Donate to Jase & PJ’s Walk for Tessa

Donate to Jase & PJ’s Walk for Tessa to help the Raskas Family

In January, at the age of just 26, Tessa Raskas from Lysterfield was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

Already a devastating & life-changing diagnosis to be made at such a young age, it has hit hard given her father is currently battling cancer, and her mother has had 2 separate cancer battles of her own.

Fair to say The Raskas family have had a horrendous run, but that’s why we want to do what we can to help!

Join us from Wednesday September 19, as we Walk for Tessa from one side of Melbourne to the other while pushing our giant piggy bank collecting your donations!

We’ll be finishing the walk on Friday September 21 at the Heathmont Football Club where we’ll pass YOUR generous donations on The Raskas family. Dig deep Melbourne! ❤️

For businesses able to provide support please email

Donations to the Raskas family are tax deductible via the charity Helping A Friend in Need ABN 86611164197

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