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Matt Tilley

Matt & Meshel - In the Morning

Your most unexpected Twitter follower? Well my own father DOESN’T follow me. That’s unexpected.

Favourite account to follow on Instagram? Warnie.

What was your first tweet? “There is no way that this thing is going to work for me because I will need way more than 140 characters to say anything because I” – you see, disaster.

After KIIS, the first website you visit each day is: Google, which then says “Did you mean KISS?”

All-time favourite YouTube video? At the moment, Richie Benaud lamb ad.

Who are your best friends on SnapChat? I don’t DO snapchat, so leave me alone, okay! Actually, maybe I would be good with something snappy.

If you made your own social network, what would you call it? faceplant.

What’s the first app you check on your phone each morning? BoM radar, I ache for black.

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is? House of Cards

What’s really your favourite TV show? The Deadliest Catch

What’s the first concert you ever went to? Rod Stewart in my Mum’s tummy.

Are you a cat or dog person? Dog. Cat tastes too salty.



AFL team: Bombers

Coffee spot : Long macchiato anywhere that has none of my kids or anything “chai”.

Bar: Sul Mio Divano (Okay, that is Italian for “On my couch”.)

Market: I hate markets, just ask my wife. Those tax dodging freaks are just purveyors of what ends up as the world’s most expensive compost!

Brunch spot: Studio stool, I’ve been up since 4am, 7.30 is brunch.

Music venue: My car. Bluetooth and my phone are the best concert ever. My kids have paid for car tinting.

Beach: Non nudist.

Holiday destination: Beach, beer, barbeque – just insert country, state or town that can provide these.

Restaurant: Stokehouse, Donovans, Republica. I like chargrill.

Way to work out: Calculator or fingers and toes. I refuse to call riding my beautiful bike “working out”!