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Why Bec Judd's Daughter Missed Half Of Her Catwalk Return

Bec Judd made her long-awaited return to the catwalk, walking in Next’s Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival last week.

But despite having designated front row seats, Bec’s three-year-old daughter, Billie and her husband, Chris Judd, missed the first half of the show.

And the reason is typical of a three-year-old!

“She missed the first half of the show because, literally, seconds before it started… she goes to her dad ‘I need a wee’!” Bec began.

“He goes ‘nah mate, just hold it in’, [she said] ’I need a wee! It’s coming! It’s coming!’”

“So, he gets her and he said it was so awkward, because he had to climb back over all these rows and he was standing on people’s bags and elbowing them in the head and so they missed half of the show.”

Thankfully after nature took its course, Billie was ready and raring to go for the second half of her mum’s catwalk return.

Devil in angel's clothing 😍 @nextofficial_au

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And her expression watching Bec walking is ADORABLE!!!!

“She came back for the second half and when I walked out I could see her little face and she was like ‘Muuuuum!’ And total fangirling it was so cute,” she said.

“Her face when she saw you step onto the catwalk was like nothing else,” Monty said.

Her hubby, Chris, however, is feeling the heat from friends for a whole different reason after the event.

Number 1 fan post wee break @nextofficial_au 📸: @stu_walmsley for Herald Sun

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It seems Juddy had a similarly loved up look watching his wife walk the catwalk (and so he should!) – but his friends are giving him a bit of flak for it.

He’s been on the receiving end of multiple close up pics of his adoring gaze since the VAMFF show.

“He has absolutely copped it,” she said.

“His mates must have got that photo from social media, and blown his face up so you can just see his face and keep sending it to him and paying him out about it.

What’s it like behind the scenes at one of these shows you ask?

Apparently there is as much naked-ness as you would expect!

But despite all the beautiful people with trim and tonned bodies squashed into close quarters, there’s not as much sexual tension as you might think.

According to Bec, everyone is too busy being hoarded to where they need to be and into the next outfit for anyone’s eyes to wander for too long.

Another surprising revelation from Bec?

Despite years of modelling, including overseas, she has never got it on with a fellow model!

“I’ve never kissed a model – male models don’t do it for me.”

Not sure about you, but at least one rendezvous when she was single  could have at least made for a good story!

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