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Why Bec Judd Cried Every Day In Final Weeks Of Pregnancy

Childbirth! The miracle of life! That pregnancy glow. 

We all know by now that there's more to being pregnant than the positives that old '50s magazines may present as the norm. 

Bec Judd got real during the 3pm Pick Up today, explaining that she was in so much pain in the final two weeks of her last pregnancy with twins Tom and Darcy. 

The flashback was prompted by seeing Beyonce's heavily pregnant belly at her Push Party over the weekend. 

"Speaking of preggi bellies, jump on Beyonce's instagram and check out her twin belly," Bec said. 

"Oh my god! It brings back the worst memories ever.

"She's smiling but I know on the inside she's crying and screaming and in so much pain."

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Bec said she was so uncomfortable during the final portion of her pregnancy, comparing the pain to that of hundreds of knives. 

"It reminded me the last two weeks of my pregnancy I cried every single day," she said. 

"I could barely breathe.

"I couldn't move to sit up from the couch... I had to carry my belly around with my hands - I thought the twins were about to fall out.

Muuuuuuuum.... the ears, the ears.

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"It felt like i had 100 knives wedged in between my ribs, they were so flared, I was in so much pain, it was awful! 

"I'm looking at her [Beyonce] thinking 'oh you poor b*tch!"

Tuesday twin spam 👶🏼👶🏼

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Thankfully Bec does have two very cute little boys to remind her of why she went through and endured that pain. 

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