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"Uncombable hair syndrome” It's a real thing!

This afternoon on the 3pm pick the girls discussed UK Cutie, Lyla-Grace Barlow, who has become an internet sensation for her manic unmanageable hair.

Nicknamed ‘the candy floss child’, little Lyla has been diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome.

A condition affecting less than 100 people worldwide, uncombable hair syndrome is caused by a gene mutation that creates abnormal heart-shaped hair follicles instead of round ones, making them IMPOSSIBLE to brush.

"When Lyla was little it used to stand up like Sonic the Hedgehog", Lyla's mother, Alex told the The Sun.

Monty tried to put Lyla's condition into perspective, “people who’ve got curly hair, who are like urh this is so painful I can’t tame it.... like NO, literally there is no product that will get this to stick down!”.  

After spending countless hours trialling product to tame hair manic locks her parents Alex and Mark Barlow agreed to embrace the wiry blonde fairy floss locks.

"I’ve never seen anyone with anything like her hair in real life. We tell her to embrace it because it’s so rare and beautiful."

We think Lyla is absolutely adorable!

Stock Image: 123rf

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