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The Outfit That Saw Bec Judd’s Insta Jump By 45k Overnight

Bec Judd's social media following is nothing to sneeze at - with over 630k watching her every move on Instagram alone. 

But when your following jumps by a HUGE 45k overnight, you know you're onto something. 

And that is what happened to Bec Judd last year. 

This one outfit with a bit of cleavage and long legs worked wonders. 

While Bec was having a drink or two and partying it up at the Polo, her Instagram count was going mental. 

It's then she realised what really works to get likes. 

“I’m not on 1million [followers] because I don’t want to do the boobs and the butt shots,” Bec said.

“I threw up a pic about a year and a half ago, and it was just a low-cut top so there was a little bit of boob.

“It was about this jump suit – this v neck – anyway, in 24 hours I got 45 thousand followers! Because I never chuck up boob shots because I don’t have any boobs, right!

“I was like, OMG! 45 thou! That’s what I have to do to get followers.”

Thanks for a great day #LandRoverPolo. This tired mumma is off to bed. 💤. @thurleyofficial @lanawilkinson

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And while the temptation is there, Bec is pretty happy with the trade off of less boobs and butt and more family shots and fashion.

(Thank god! Because we love all those kiddie shots of her four gorgeous children)

“Then I thought ‘nah, if I start chucking that stuff up like that, the brands and the people I work with who I love working with will all run a mile.

“We don’t want to put our support behind someone who does that.”

Sweet Jesus I could just eat them up. Wearing @nextofficial_au on this cold Melbourne day 🌧

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 Monty also came up with a good point...

“Also the 45 thousand were probably crusty men from all around the world,” Monty added.

“I know all the 12 and 13 year old boys, I don’t want to go there but read between the lines,” Bec responded. 

While chatting all things social media, Bec also admits to stalking people she's just met or people she wants to know more about. 

And divulged the best time to post for engagement and get those much needed likes. 

“For a lot of the stuff… it is always [posted] on a Sunday afternoon, because people have had their weekend, they are on the couch and on their phone – so you usually get the best cut through,” she said.

“The worst time to post would be Saturday morning because people are out and about and are not really on the ground.”

So, now we know!

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