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The One Thing Rebecca Judd Would Never Do For Fashion

Over the years Bec Judd has worn her fair of slinky, skin-tight, unforgiving dresses and fashion pieces. 

And while she is a big fan of having no VPL (visible panty line) and a loyal wearer of g-strings, she has confirmed that she would NEVER go commando in an outfit. 

Monty and Bec were chatting on the 3pm Pick Up about their undie preference, before the topic of going completely bare came up.

“Stop! Stop! Pantless? How can anyone go pantless?" Bec exclaimed.

 When questioned further about if she had ever gone commando at any of the Brownlow Medal dinners or high flying events that she's attended she was adamant. 

“[I have] never – it is such a risk!" she said.

“This is a bit TMI but there’s stuff going on down there at all times of the month.

“How do you absorb moisture is what I’m getting at!”

Monty, however, is firmly on the full brief bandwagon and Bec is determined to sway her. 

“That is in a whole other world over there… that is not something I would partake in," Monty said.

“[Even] G Strings to me are a step above."

“I need to give you a lesson in G String shopping 101," Bec responded.

Looks like we may be about to get a lesson on underwear shopping from the one and only Bec Judd. 

Watch this space!

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