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Rebecca Judd Has Told The World About Something Embarrassing

She’s the host of the 3 PM Pick-Up and gave birth to twins just last year.

But Rebecca Judd has revealed that she has struggled to remember the exact date that she welcomed the babies into the world during an interview.

Speaking to the Stellar magazine, Judd said 'I recently had to Google their birthday.'

Bec told the publication: 'You know; I recently had to Google their birthday. I couldn’t remember whether they were born on September 28, 29 or 30. It was so crazy around that time.'

The twin boys were born on September 29 by emergency cesarian with husband Chris Judd by her side.

Following the birth of the twins, Bec had revealed that she been mistaking them daily saying 'I was the least maternal one in my group of girlfriends and although I still feel too young and irresponsible, here I am with four kids.'

The couple has admitted that these are their last babies and they just want to ‘enjoy them’.

Rebecca Judd hosts the 3 PM Pick UP across Australia, weekdays at 3 PM.

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