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Kid’s Party Gift Registries?!?!

You know the traditional gift registries at weddings? Now they’re available for kids parties…

Yumi explained that there is an app called ‘purpose it’ that encourages parents to make a gift registry or trust fund that your child’s party guests can put money towards instead of toys.

“I kind of like this idea, because instead of say, spending like $20-$30 on a present that’s going to last half an hour, like most of them fall apart...then you’re putting $20-$30 towards their college fund”

Monty completely disagreed with Yumi, calling the idea a “snooze fest”.

“Yumi, imagine when you are six or seven years old, ALL you want is the bucketloads of crap toys that break.”

“That is the part of the joys of being a kid!”

“If you rocked up to my six year-old party and said, here is a code to get you into your purpose…whatever, and there’s $30 towards your school books for high school, I would say…Put that fairy bread down and get out of here!”

Monty was so opposed to the idea that she couldn’t BELIEVE Yumi was for it.

Yumi confirmed “I’m TOTALLY for it” arguing  that “so much of it is actual garbage.”

She does have a point, rather than wasting the money on temporary toys we could be funding something significant.

What do you think?

Buy the toys for immediate joy or put it to something like a trust fund?

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