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Is This Husband’s Birth Request Completely Out Of Line

Just a couple decades ago, the ultimate form of permanent birth control often saw the women get her tubes tied.

Now, we seem to be in the era of the vasectomy. 

Monty's friend has found herself in a conundrum where her husband is urging her to get her tubes tied immediately after the birth of their third child, via c-section. 

The friend, however, is not so convinced by the idea. 

As a couple the pair have decided that they don't see a fourth child or more in the future. 

But there are obvious complications and hormonal changes that can impact life after getting her tubes tied. 

So the question is raised - who ultimately makes that decision or more to the point, how does a couple make such a decision?

Have you been in a similar predicament? 

While Monty and Yumi jokingly said that the women birth the child, therefore it is the man's responsibility to get the snip, both were adamant that they could not force their partners to take such a step. 

We'd love to hear your comments below!

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