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How Bec Judd's Relaxing Holiday Ended In The Worst Way Ever

Flying can be a real hassle for anyone and is rarely the ‘fun’ part of a holiday.

Add four kids under 5 to the equation and the stress level rises.

In fact, after hearing Bec Judd’s journey on her latest flight home from Port Douglas, even we were in a state of anxiety.

What should have been a two hour flight ended up anything but – which doesn’t bode well considering her hubby, Chris Judd, was scheduled to call an AFL game that evening.

“We had actually the worst flight ever on the way home,” Bec began.

“Halfway through the flight and the gentleman behind me had a medical emergency, so he fainted and it wasn’t looking good – he was quite grey.

Thanks @pullmanportdouglas Sea Temple for a great stay. We don't want to go home 😞

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“But we had fantastic nurses and doctors on board… We got diverted to Brisbane and I looked across at my husband and he was haemorrhaging.

“The poor gentleman behind us vomited everywhere, on the back of my seat, down the aisle, and then my children were smelling the vomit and crying.”

Now so far, it’s a little unpleasant and the detour a bit of a pain but the couple had a three hour buffer between when they were supposed to arrive in Melbourne and when Chris starts work.

But then the kids began to react to the smell of vomit wafting through the air.

“[My kids] were like ‘we’re not home yet we just want to be in Melbourne!’ and one of my twins, Tom, smells the vomit and decides he’s going to vomit everywhere as well,” she explains.


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“So it was on my legs and on my husband and on my mum. Then my other twin, Darcy, decides he’s got diarrhea, so my husband has to go into this little plane cubicle and change him.

“While he’s changing him, Darcy pulls the air freshener out of the wall and sprays it in his eye, so there’s screaming, there’s all this stuff going on.

“We’re covered in poo and spew. We get to Melbourne airport and guess who was waiting for us… a pap. “

Yep. What are the chances…

“I actually feel sorry for the pap because my husband was in such a bad mood so he gave him an almighty spray,” Bec admitted.

“We land at terminal 4, we have to get to terminal 1, we’ve got four kids, we’ve got seven suitcases, we’re running through the airport, this guy is taking our photo, I have to get my husband to work, he’s late for the game, he misses the start of the call.

“It was actually a nightmare!”

Her final decision…

“In future holiday’s I’m never leaving Melbourne, It’s just ridiculous!”

And for those wondering, Bec said “Thank god the gentleman, we think, is okay”.


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