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Doctor Gives Woman Snake Venom Instead of Botox!

This has to be one of the worst cases of a botched botox job! 

Lawyer Raluca Crisan claims she got injected with snake venom instead of a simple botox injection.

Almost instantly her face began to swell and ultimately became paralysed, lasting for a whole year. 

It all began when the 38-year-old went to see plastic surgeon Adrian Oancea who recommended Botox injections to her.


Crisan had the injections under her eyes and in her lips. She instantly felt a burning and swelling sensation and was admitted to hospital. 

Snake venom is becoming a more popular method for reducing wrinkles however it is usually applied on the surface of the skin in very small doses. 

It was revealed in court that the surgeon didn't actually know what he was giving her "because he’d ordered it from a Chinese supplier — and the writing was all in Chinese."


“The Ministry of Health told my lawyer that the substance was not authorised to be used and as it wasn't registered they couldn’t tell me what it was either.

“On the website of the Chinese provider however I found out that it was viper venom.

“My face was paralysed for about eight months... I could not use any facial muscles. I couldn’t laugh, I couldn't cry, it was terrible.”

After two years of intensive medical treatment, Crisan says she can still only manage to use about 70 per cent of her facial muscles.


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