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Vulgar & Sexist: Is This The End Of Wicked Campers In VIC?

Victoria's state government plans to crack down on Wicked Campers' sexist and derogatory slogans. 

Wicked Campers' are a van rental business with spray-painted slogans on their vehicles - widely known for being inappropriate and crude slogans.

The crackdown in Victoria comes after Queensland government introduced a legislation this month targeting inappropriate advertisements. 

According to The Age, Sexist advertising in Victoria will be targeted by the state government next month as part of a forthcoming gender equality strategy.

Wicked Camper vans and other vehicles with offensive slogans may be taken off our roads unless the crass and vulgar messages are removed.

"Advertisements that vilify and demean women have no place in Victoria," said Minister for Women Fiona Richardson, who said the strategy would include options to deal with Wicked Campers' slogans. 

A campaign was launched against Wicked Campers in 2014 when a Sydney Mother noticed a slogan on a van that said: "In every princess, there's a little slut who wants to try it just once". 

According to The Age, a protest petition gathered 110,000 signatures and prompted an apology from Wicked Campers, which acknowledged the "prevailing community opinion by removing the slogan in question and making a commitment over the coming six months to changing slogans of an insensitive nature".

Do you think vehicles with 'offensive slogans' should be taken off our roads? tell us in the comments section below. 

Source: The Age Main Image: Wicked Campers

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