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Western Sydney School Allows 15-Year-Old Students To Smoke

A western Sydney school has revealed that they allow their students to smoke in an effort to curb high drop-out rates.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Warrakirri College has designated smoking areas at the front of the school, where children as young as 15 years old can light up in between classes.

The move comes after it was found that some kids were using smoking as an excuse to just not turn up to school.

Carolyn Blanden the principal of the Blacktown and Fairfield campuses, said that banning smoking is simply not a priority when they're battling with so many other problems.

"At my school you can come with bright blue hair and metal in your face," she said. "And if you need to have a smoke, that's OK too."

The alternative, she says, is that her students "go back to floating around the streets or into detention."

Warrakirri College, which caters for kids for have been rejected by other mainstream schools, also runs a modified syllabus, allowing pupils to undertake three subjects rather than six subjects a year.

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