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We FINALLY Know Why Melbourne's Spring Has SUCKED So Much!

It’s been one of the toughest springs to get through in Melbourne, and it seems we finally know the reason.

While Spring always triggers high winds in Melbourne, this October has been particularly blustery.

In the last month alone, the Bureau of Meteorology has issued 50 severe weather warnings amid Melbourne’s seventh storm.

Usually, according to senior climatologist Kevin Smith, we only get ‘about three’ storms during October.

But it was so bad this year, and it was our worst since ‘2009. So it's certainly been a bit windier than normal [in Victoria]. Spring in itself is a naturally variable period because you transition from winter to summer.

"So you are going to get extremes." 

The reason why? Something you may never have heard of called the Indian Ocean Dipole. The Dipole is the name for the changing ocean temperatures that affect our weather, and at the moment, it is experiencing it’s strongest negative in 50 years.

That is also why spring has felt like winter. 

"All these things are affecting us," Mr Smith said. 

"Everything is happening at once."

However, there is some good news, with the wild weather set to calm as soon as the mercury beings to climb.

"We'll be back to more normal conditions soon, and January rainfall will be more average," Smith said.

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