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Video Emerges Of Female APEX Gang SMASHING Up Melbourne Home

Disturbing footage has been released of a violent attack on a residential home in Melbourne by a group of African women that are possibly linked to the APEX gang.

Neighbours managed to film the rampage, and it included a violent brawl, as well as the windows of a house being smashed with bricks and a broom.

The video was posted online under the name of ‘someaussiedude’ and tagged those in the video as members of the ‘Aces’ gang, which is a female version of the APEX gang, which is terrorising parts of Melbourne.

In the video, the neighbour's are heard narrating the tension and even yell out some encouragement to the attackers.

The video appears to show a fight breaking out between the two groups with some of them using sticks and brooms as weapons as they gang up on the outnumbered homeowners.

'C'mon get them, smash their window. Get them. Hey, f*****g kill 'em,' the neighbours can be heard yelling.

The angry neighbours start cheering when the broom-wielding attackers start attempting to damage the car.

The string of events is just the latest in an increase of female violence in the Dandenong area of Melbourne.

Girls as young as 12 have been reported to be joining the violent APEX gang and police fear that the groups are escalating their crimes, which now include random attacks in popular nightlife areas.

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