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Victorian Teens KIDNAP Toddler In Car Theft Gone Wrong

A two-year-old boy was mistakenly kidnapped in a botched car theft on Father’s Day after his dad left the keys in the ignition while the boy was in the back seat.

Dave Gleeson was standing in the driveway of a friends house in Sebastopol near Ballarat at 5:45pm on Sunday, when two thieves stole his Toyota without realising his son Tyge, was strapped into the backseat.

The criminals did not end up going very far, only taking twenty minutes to dump the blue utility truck in the driveway of Parkgate Lane, just two kilometres away.

Mr Gleeson said the Fathers Day ordeal only took minutes to resolve but it felt like hours before he was reunited with his son.

‘’'Those 20 minutes felt like three hours,' Mr Gleeson told Nine News.

'I was literally gone for a couple of minutes, I was in shock,' he added.

Detective Sergeant Steve Howard said the boy was unharmed and that the ‘opportunistic’ thieves likely made off with the truck before realising he was inside.

'We couldn't get too much out of the two-year-old boy, but he did happen to say that there was two people involved,' he told Nine News.

'He referred to one of them sitting mummy's seat and the other one sitting in daddy's seat.'

Mr Gleeson said 'You just can't leave you kids or your keys in the car because it will happen.’’

No arrests have been made.

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