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Victorian Drug Dealer To Be Sentenced For Death

Melbourne heroin user who fatally stabbed a man in the street after an altercation, is due to be sentenced by a judge.

Zoe Giannioudis previously pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Simon Cartwright after thrusting a knife into his chest on Victoria Street in Richmond on October 30 last year.

Mr Cartwright had previously bought drugs from Giannioudis, who was dealing to support her own habit.

He was rushed to hospital with a two-centimetre wound and heavy bleeding, but died the same night.

The Supreme Court of Victoria was previously told there was a history of animosity between the two, who had also exchanged messages and fought in the months prior to the death.

Giannioudis, who claimed she did not realise the severity of Mr Cartwright's injuries, went on to complete a drug deal shortly afterwards.

Judge Lesley Taylor is due to sentence Giannioudis on Thursday.


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