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Victoria Is Having The Worst Summer On The Roads Since 2006

Victoria is reeling after a horrific summer on our roads. 

58 people have died on the state's roads in January and February - the most since 2006, and a big spike from last year's 35. 

Two-thirds of these occurred on rural roads, and motorcycle deaths have doubled since last year.

“Every one of these deaths is preventable, and we cannot accept that one more Victorian family will face a lifetime of grief because of a tragedy on our roads,” TAC chief executive Joe Calafiore said. 

“Last year we saw a significant drop in the number of people that died on our country roads, but just two months on those numbers have ­dramatically increased.

“Many of these deaths have been the result of a simple mistake, and on a high-speed road the consequences are fatal.”

It's prompted police to launch Operation Arid, a road safety blitz targeting drug and alcohol affected drivers. 

“We especially urge motorcyclists and country road users to do everything in their power to make themselves as safe as possible, as these groups make up 80 per cent of our lives lost this year,” Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said. 

“Drivers can be expected to be tested anywhere, at any time.”

Mr Leane said that part of the increase is due to older motorcycle riders. 

“Two years ago we had a problem with high-risk takers exceeding the speed, but now we are seeing issues with a group over the age of 35."

“Some of them are returning riders … they haven’t been on a bike for 18-20 years and now they have a desire to buy a motorcycle.”

Please stay safe this long weekend. 

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