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Vets Warn Of Deadly Rabbit Virus Sweeping Australia

Vets are warning about a serious outbreak of myxomatosis which has left scores of much loved rabbits dead across Australia. 

Vets were forced to euthanise a large number of contagious rabbits and are expected to treat many more in the upcoming weeks. Rabbit lovers are petitioning the Federal Government to make a vaccine, which is available in several countries around the world, available here.  

Australia's recent wild weather has been blamed for the outbreak, with heavy rains producing the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes who are responsible for spreading the disease. 

Vets advise owners to keep their rabbits inside away from insects, mosquitoes, flies and flees. While insect protection such as repellents and even fly spray can be used to keep the numbers down, vets say the best protection is keeping them out of harm's way. 

The virus was first introduced in the 1950's to control the wild rabbit population. 

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