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Two People Died During Melbourne's ''Major Disaster''

Two people from Melbourne’s West have died, including one man who had to wait for an ambulance, fter an unprecedented number of people fell acutely sick on Monday evening in what is believed to be a mass incident of "thunderstorm asthma".

More than 1800 people called for help after a storm hit Melbourne shortly before 6PM last night, prompting a ‘major disaster response’ from emergency services.

At least 600 calls related to respiratory illness.

Hospitals have been left reeling, with stocks of asthma spray ventolin running low and emergency services struggling to get to calls quick enough.

The demand was so great that Ambulance Victoria ran out of ambulances and had to call in police officers, non-emergency patient vehicles and field doctors trained for disasters to help with transporting acutely ill patients to hospital.

Fairfax Media have reported that two people have died due to the event.

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