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Three Women Attacked At Random In Melbourne

Three transgender friends have been chased and attacked in Footscray and police believe it was a hate crime.

Maribyrnong Inspector Adrian Healy said they were investigating the attack and believe the trio were targeted because of their gender identity.

“It appears that that would be the motivation for it,” Insp Healy said.

The group were paying the bill at an Ethiopian restaurant in Nicholson Street at about 9PM on November 4, when they were harassed by three men.

The men are alleged to have sworn at them and then changed them to a nearby supermarket Albert St, about 9.25pm.

One of the woman, Starlady, was one of the three attacked and she told the Leader ‘’We were terrified. One of my friends was punched and another was put in a headlock.”

The incident has left the woman shaking and scared, saying “I don’t feel like it’s a safe place for me to be and I’m not sure I’ll be safe walking down the street”

Police have identified one of the men but are searching for another two.

No charges have been laid.

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