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Thousands Of Aussies At Risk Of Losing Centrelink Payments

Thousands of Australian parents are at risk of losing a portion of their Centrelink payments if they fail to have their children immunised.

While a "No jab, no pay"  policy already exists, it is set to get a whole lot stricter; currently, parents can be denied their annual family tax benefit but, under new rules, they could now face losing a chunk of their fortnightly payments instead.

Cash-wise, that means that rather than missing out on an end-of-year supplement of $700, families will be missing $28 a fortnight until their kids are vaccinated.

While the loss works out to be about the same, government officials are hoping that the new legislation will provide an "immediate and ongoing incentive".

The "No jab, no pay" police was introduced last year to huge success; according to statistics, the move has prompted more than 200,000 families to have their children immunised.

In order to protect newborn babies and children who can't be immunised for medical reasons, research shows that about 95 per cent of the population need to have the jabs - a number the government are hoping these new rules will help us reach.

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