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This Mum Shed 31KG By Doing Something So BIZARRE!

You can find out that you are not happy with your body in many different ways.

Well, Adele Johnson figured out on the slide at a soft play centre.

When she was going down the slide with her son Pete, when she heard the slide creek underneath her 115KG self.

Adele said ‘’“The creak I heard as we came down the slide was such a shock,”

“It was a big slide so the fact I had come close to breaking it made me take a step back and realise I needed to take action.”

The married mum of one, from Cornwall in the UK, said she was in denial about her weight for years ‘’“I’m an emotional eater, and it got worse once Pete started at the school as I would just eat because I had nothing else to do,” says Adele, 37.

While her son ate fresh healthy food, she would snack on biscuits and chips and fill herself up with pasta, and she knew it ‘’was bad.’’

When Adele refused to go on the slide again because of her weight she decided that ‘’ I would lose enough weight to get back on it safely for his sixth birthday in March.

"I had eight months, and his happiness was all the motivation I needed.”

At size 22, 5ft 3ins Adele was too self-conscious to go to the gym. So in August last year, she splashed out $900 on a treadmill for her living room.

“I would use it at home in my spare time,” says Adele.

“I went on it three times a day – before the school run, and then two more times during the day.

She then saw a reality TV programme where women were going to beauty salons and paying for ‘’inch loss wraps’’.

“I went on it three times a day – before the school run, and then two more times during the day.

“It was one of the programmes where the women are rich, and money is no object, and they would go to beauty salons where they were wrapped in cling film for an hour and would lose an inch off their waists and thighs.

“I realised I could try a cheaper alternative by putting clingfilm around my problem areas when I worked out.

“I knew it was crazy but I wanted to give it a go and see if it would help me sweat more out, and there was no harm in that.”

Adele went and bought clingfilm from the supermarket and starting wrapping it around her belly before workouts in the hope it would increase the fat reduction on her stomach.

“That was my target area as my son had always innocently joked about my ‘jelly baby belly’ – because my tummy was so flabby it wriggled,” says Adele. “He’d also call me a sausage roll.

“I started wrapping at least ten layers around my middle and then walking on the treadmill for an hour at a time.


“I sweated more, and that kept me motivated to keep going – it was like I could feel the fat melting off.”

By just doing that and changing her diet, she managed to shed more than 31KG in just five months!

Picture and Story: The Mirror

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