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This Melbourne STATE School Wants Payment A Year In Advance!

One of Melbourne's most affluent state schools is asking parents to pay $1000 to secure a well sought after place for their child.

Clifton Hill primary school has been requesting the fee from parents living outside its catchment zone to confirm their enrolments up to a year in advance.

The Age is reporting that parents contacted them to raise concerns about the charge, which they say makes poorer families unable to apply.

One parent told the newspaper ''It is well known that families pay their way into this school''

The parents have said that some families were asked to pay between $1,000 to $2,000 extra on top of the original $1K ''particularly if they have Dr in front of their name.''

Co-Principal Megan Smith said payment was the school's normal fees and not an extra charge.

She said they had been asking families living outside their area to ensure that they would attend. She went on to say the practice was topped in late 2015 following advice from the Education department and a review of the school fee schedule.

However one source has told The Age that they were asked to pay $1,000 in February this year to secure a place at the school for 2017.

It is common amongst private schools to pay to secure a place at the school but it is highly unusual in the state system.

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