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THIS Melbourne Shopping Centre Is Saying 'Sorry'

Eastland will offer a free valet service to shoppers for a week, as it continues to struggle with keeping customers happy over its new paid parking system.

Guests have continually complained about long waits when leaving the centre, with hundreds taking to Facebook in recent months to air concerns.

General manager Steve Egerton said the centre was now accommodating more than 10,000 cars a day and despite having settling-in issues, things have now calmed down.

“There were previously 600 staff car spaces nested in the southern end of the centre, and an extra 300 spaces have now been provided to the north end,” he said.

“Feedback has died down a bit now, and we’re seeing people able to get in and out of the centre more easily.”

Despite the situation improving, the shopping centre will offer their customer a chance to experience valet parking for free from August 9 to 15.

Those wanting to experience the service, which usually costs $10, can visit the guest services hub and collect a pass.

Any parking lasting more than 3 hours will require payment.

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