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THIS Is Where You're Most Likely To Be Bitten By A Snake

When we think of a dry, hot summer in Australia, our minds automatically think about the abundance of snakes that will be coming out of hibernation to enjoy the sun.

Now of course we'd be right in saying no one particularly wants to come across one and they definitely don't want to get bitten.

But we've always assumed that if we stay away from the bush, we'll be safe from the slithering little suckers....Well apparently we were VERY wrong on that front.

A study from The Royal Flying Doctor Service has revealed that Australians are actually much more likely to be bitten around their homes!! That's right, NO ONE is safe!

According to their research, there are around 3,000 snake bites reported each year here in Oz, with half of all bites occurring while people are walking around residential areas.

Gardening and attempting to catch a snake are also common household scenarios where a person is more likely to be bitten.

And apparently it's not just happening at the homes out in the outback either! Senior Flight Nurse at the RFDS has said,

"The publication of this study is very timely as the warm, dry winter and sudden rise in temperatures has brought snakes out early this year."

"As venomous snakes are found in every state and territory we urge everyone, not just those in the warmer Outback locations, to be vigilant."

The most common snake found to attack people has been identified as the brown snake with the second most common bite coming from the tiger snake.

The RFDS has warned Aussies that is they have been bitten, they should remain as still as possible to prevent the venom from spreading.

Common symptoms of a snake bite include collapsing unexpectedly, vomiting, abdominal pain, bleeding or paralysis.

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