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Babysitter Abused Baby But Won’t Be Charged For CRAZY Reason

When a American couple went out for the night and left their one-year-old with what they thought was a capable babysitter, they never anticipated what would actually happen.

Instead when they returned home they found their little boy screaming, and the babysitter sleeping on the couch.

The next day, they realised that baby Jacob was actually covered in bruises. This is where it gets really messed up.

The babysitter admitted to abusing Jacob, but the can't be prosecuted due to a ruling in Oregon that states the victim has to be able to definitively prove that the mistreatment was intentional, which is difficult to do when the victim is a baby who can't speak.

Understandably Jacob’s father, Joshua Marbury is livid.

He wrote a Facebook post stating, "Something needs to be done. NOBODY can just hit a child and more to just get away with it because the child can't verbally tell you."

"We had a confession from the abuser saying they did it. Still this person was not arrested because they had to build a case and a jury to find him guilty before they go to jail. (Side note: If I'm not mistaken, if I strike a person in the face and the cops were called I would be put in handcuffs immediately). After two months of waiting we find out that charges are dropped because my one-year-old can't tell you verbally he was abused and my son did not show he was in pain or that this person 'intentionally' did this."

"A dead body can't tell you who killed them. Yet a baby isn't held to the same standard because he can't talk?" Marbury continued.

According to a report in the Oregonian, if the abused person is “impaired” then that could be substantial proof of the crime.

However baby Jacob’s bruises were apparently not considered damaging enough to press charges. Jacob’s parents are hoping that by sharing the story of what happened to baby Jacob will help to ensure no other child suffers from the same injustice.

Source: Redbook

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