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Melbourne Suburbs Are The Least Likely To Pay For Their Tix!

Some of Melbournes wealthiest suburbs also have the highest rate of fare evasion, in a new report released by Public Transport Victoria.

An estimated 3 percent of commuters on the Sandringham line are shown to be a fare evader. This is a higher figure than any other train route.

The Sandringham line runs through affluent suburbs such as Brighton, which is home to some of Melbourne’s wealthiest families and most expensive properties.

The estimated figures of fare evasion rates are calculated based on interviews with 44,000 passengers and then weighted against other data, which shows how many people use a particular line.

The second biggest culprits travel on the Frankston line, where an estimated 2.7% of user dodge their stations Myki machine.

Sunbury line users have the lowest estimated rate of fare evasion even though it passes through some of Melbourne's least affluent areas.

The same picture is painted across the tram network, which shows bayside travellers are most likely to get a hefty fine.

Almost 6 per cent of Melburnians use trams that terminate at the Glenhuntly Depot, including 3,64 and 78 and they don’t pay for a ticket.

Passengers on routes 1,8 and 19 trams are the next highest offenders, with 4.8% deciding not to pay.

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