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SPRUNG: These Are Officially Melbourne's WORST Fare Evaders

A study conducted by Monash University has revealed that university graduates under 35 are the biggest group of deliberate transport fare evaders.

According to the study, these repeat offenders ride on public transport five days a week, but think the system is “only to make money” and is “sometimes not worth the price of a ticket”.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing ticket inspectors on a more regular the basis, the results of Monash University's study has prompted an increase in ticket checks and anti-evasion advertising. 


Researchers discovered that Melbourne's public transport users can easily be divided in three different categories:

deliberate fare evaders who say they are “only going a few stops” (18 per cent)

unintentional evaders (35 per cent)

never-evaders (48 per cent)

If you use public transport in Victoria, which category do you fall under and why?

Source: The Herald Sun

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