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There's Some AMAZING Christmas Day News For Melbourne!

We all know now that Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, and because of that fact, we were going to miss out on the public holiday.

This means that people who do have to work on Christmas Day, would miss out on public holiday rates of pay.

It's looking like the Andrews Government are going to go back on what they've said previously, and are they now looking at employing the public holiday for Christmas Day itself.

Currently the Christmas Day public holiday would fall on the Tuesday 27th December.

Small Business Minister Philip Dalidakis said yesterday that he was not above recognising that he may have made a mistake.

"Maybe I've got it wrong" he told the Herald Sun. "“Somebody I respect and value spoke to me about it just the other day, about their experiences as a worker on Christmas Day."

“I think in public life it’s okay to sometimes get things wrong if you acknowledge that and look to remedy the situation.”

If they do decide to proclaim the 25th of December a public holiday, Victoria would have the highest number of public holidays in Australia, with 14 days this year!

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