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There's A VERY Simple Reason As To Why Donald Trump Will Win

It seems it was a little more predictable than first thought that Donald Trump would become president of the United States today.

Barrack Obama is currently in his second term as president of the Democrats, something that he cannot go on with, as you can only serve two terms.

Hillary Clinton is, of course, now the candidate that the Democrats have to take on Donald Trump, a Republican, with, and it is a little harder than anyone thought.

The interesting thing is, no same party has served three terms as President since 1988 and before that.. it was 1950!

Since 1950, there have been seven opportunities for a party to hold the presidency for more than two terms: 1952 (D), 1960 (R), 1968 (D), 1976 (R), 1988 (R), 2000 (D) and 2008 (R).

Naturally, none of this is predictive of anything. But it does indicate that the simple fact that seeking a third consecutive term in the White House may put the Democrats at a disadvantage.

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