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There's A New Swarm Of Insects Coming

Thousands of dangerous wolf spiders have invaded homes in Western New South Wales, with a man describing how the creatures ‘play dead’ to avoid being terminated.

Kathy Holmes from Broken Hill in Western New South Wales was shocked t find the creepy crawlies in her home in Menindee Lakes last week.

The TAFE teacher tried to get rid of the spiders but said they just ‘kept coming’ and would even stop moving to escape death.

Ms Holmes uploaded a video of the spiders ‘paling dead’ on Youtube.

'I killed these in less than an hour they were relentless. and they often played dead the devious little eight legged Freaks (sic),' she wrote. 

Ms Holmes told the Sydney Morning Herald that the spiders gave her the 'heebie-jeebies' when they wriggled back to life.

The spiders spread across the house and she goes on to say ‘’When I was there on Friday, the walls were moving with spiders. I have never seen so many before,'

Another resident, Ross Leddra said there are millions of spiders in the area at the moment.

'It's unbelievable. You have got to check where you are sitting, and the kids are going crazy.'

According to the Australian Museum bites from the spider are painful however generally only result in local soreness and itchiness.

In extreme cases, symptoms include swelling, nausea and extreme pain. 

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