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There Is Some Rubbish News For NAB Customers

Furious customers are currently taking to NAB’s Facebook page claiming they have not received their Centrelink payments or bank transfers.

“NAB! What is going on? People need this sorted out ASAP!” one user posted.

“Some people aren't waiting for Centrelink payments so don't try and shift the blame to them. Some people are waiting on transferred funds that have been waiting to clear for 13 hours.”

“I've never been one to whine and complain online but this is just an all-time low. Not releasing people's money with no explanations hours after the fact is just so bad,” another user posted.

It’s not the first time that NAB customers have received delays. In 2016, the bank had a two-day outage, which affected the bank’s call centres, mobile banking services and delayed transactions, including customers’ pay.

NAB said on Twitter it was "experiencing issues with some payments processing".

"Our teams are working to fix it asap. We're sorry for any inconvenience," the bank tweeted.

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