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There Is One Thing ALL Myki Users Are Being Told To Do Today

Tram passengers have been unknowingly swiping away money in Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone, and so far just 800 people have asked for refunds.

However, the Public Transport Users Association has said that passengers didn’t know they could get a refund for touching on int he zone and fear thousands could be affected.

Almost $3,000 has so far been clawed back from passengers who have realised their mistake.

PTUA President Tony Morton told the Herald Sun “I guess the potential for confusion is always there and we don’t always send out clear messages on when to touch on and off,” Mr Morton said.

“I know there is still some confusion among regular travellers let alone visitors.

“There is now luminous signage advising people of the Free Tram Zone, but people can still miss it.

“The refund policy for accidentally touching on could be better pointed out, but I expect it’s in lots of people interests not to offer too many refunds if possible.”

Since the Free Tram Zone was introduced, Public Transport Victoria has processed 787 refunds totalling $2998 to passengers who accidentally touched on.

PTV says the number of refunds has decreased each year as passengers have become more familiar with the Free Tram Zone.

However, if you have touched on, you are urged to request a refund.

The Free Tram Zone boundaries are at Victoria Street, Flinders Street and LaTrobe Street.

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